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The anti-fog system provides a small fan, of variable size depending on the need, which, fixed on the protective mask for motorcycle use, sucks in the moist air generated by the rider's sweat from inside. Through the design of an adapter , designed with cad software and printed through a 3d printer with FDM technology, it is possible to fix the fan in a central position over any mask by engraving the filtering material and simply fitting it. The adapter can be manufactured in different materials compatible with the FDM technology of 3d printers, such as PLA, ABS and Nylon-Carbon. The position of the ventilation system will be maintained thanks to the geometry of the adapter and the friction of the flexible material of the mask. The adapter also provides for fixing the fan by simple friction, allowing it to be dismantled and replaced quickly in case of failure. During the design of the component, a small hole for the passage of the cables was also provided, thus ensuring that there are no obstructions within the pilot's field of vision


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