Boots Extreme Stylmartin
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Boots Extreme Stylmartin

Off-road boot in pellepieno flower and breathable lining, with rigid PU protections with internal chamois heat shield equipped with ankle anti-twisting system. Closure with 4 adjustable quick release levers, interchangeable steel tip. Upper: water repellent full grain leather Lining: breathable air mesh Protections: internal anti-shock padding + rigid polyurethane protections with heat shield on the inner side in suede leather Closure: 4 adjustable levers with replaceable quick release system Anti-Torsion System: protects the ankle and counteracts twisting without compromising flexibility Interchangeable slider: steel tip Rear Insert: silver reflex rear Front Protection: 2 divisible and interchangeable pieces Insole: anatomic with heel reinforcement Sole: non-slip and wear-resistant rubber more info: The "4 levers" in full-grain leather Stylmartin Mo Tech Special is designed to convey safety to the rider: the upper is water-repellent, the lining is breathable, the sole offers good grip on slippery and muddy terrain. Furthermore, the boot is easy to keep "in perfect shape" (all moving parts are available as spare parts). The offered fit deserves a deepening, in fact Stylmartin considers this aspect of primary importance. To get out of the fray, the Montebelluna brand has studied and uses 10 different types of feet according to the fact that the shape used for a cross boot can not be the same as a touring or sporting shoe. Internal padding, rigid polyurethane protections, redesigned calf area to allow the insertion of knee pads, interchangeable steel toecap. And also double front plates, divisible and interchangeable, fixed with screws, and a special vertebra that protects and supports the ankle by counteracting the torsion without compromising flexibility. Closing with 4 aluminum levers, adjustable and quick release. Heat shield made of suede leather. The boot is available only in white and black, but Stylmartin has made multicolor (8 colors available) some of the parts, to allow it to be combined with the rest of the clothing or the livery of the bike. Mo Tech Special is designed in Italy and produced in Europe with an artisanal manufacturing care.


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